Reich Chancellery / Wilhelmplatz / Voßstraße
Wilhelmstraße 77 / Wilhelmstraße 78 / Voßstraße 2 / Voßstraße 4 / Voßstraße 5 / Voßstraße 6 / Hermann-Göring-Straße 16 and 17 / Court of Honor / Garden
Street Facade (Total View)
/ Street Facade (Detail) / Garden Facade (Palais) / Garden Facade (Dining Hall)

Inner Rooms
Congress Hall / Dining Hall / Cross-Section Through Dining Hall and Führerbunker

Führerbunker and Basement Of The Dining Hall

Kannenberg Passage / Staircase / Northern Basement Corridor / Bunker (Main Entrance) / Bunker (Secondary Entrance) / Bunker (Emergency Exit) / Bunker (Guard Room) / Bunker (Hallway) / Bunker (Engine Room)
To view this 3D-stereoscopic image Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses are required.

Palais Schulenburg / Palais Radziwill / Palais of the Reich Chancellor / Reich Chancellery / Old Reich Chancellery / The Führers Apartment
State of construction: 1936-1944
Address: Wilhelmstraße 77

Führer Bunker (Main Entrance)
East of the winter garden was the staircase, which linked the basement of the dining hall directly to the “Führers Apartment”. The entire northern part of the Old Reich Chancellery was called “Führers Apartment”, including the dining room and the winter garden. Directly opposite the staircase was the main entrance to the Führer Bunker.