NEUMANN, Georg Joachim Wilhelm (since his adoption 1878, von Moerner)

* 14.06.1826 in Guhran at Breslau
† 16.03.1907 in Berlin

After serving as an officer, Neumann devoted himself to architecture, and became a member of the Berlin Architectural Commission in 1863. Thereafter he was employed as Building Inspector in Berlin from 1870. His work in Berlin includes the Münze, Unterwasser Street 2-4, the extension of the Prussian Ministry of Finance, Dorotheen Street 84, the Prussian Central Agricultural Loan Bank, Unter den Linden 15, the Reich Ministry of Finance, and the Reich Legal-Authorities Offices in Voß Street 4-5. He also led the rebuilding and extending of the Reich Chancellery Offices and the Reich Chancellors Palace.