HINDENBURG, Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff

* 02.10.1847 in Posen
† 02.08.1934 in Neudeck at Freystadt/Ostpreußen.
Militarist and Politician.

Hindenburg attended the Prussian War Academy in Berlin from 1873 until 1876. Among other things, he worked on the general staff as teacher at the War Academy and in the Prussian War Ministry. Already retired since 1912, he was recalled at the outbreak of the First World War, and promoted to General Field Marshal and Main Commander of all the German forces in the east in 1914.The victory in the battle at Tannenberg in August 1914 established the Hindenburg legend. Hindenburg was Chief of the upper armed force from 1916 to 1919, after which he again retired. In 1925 he submitted himself as candidate for the right-wing in the Reich Presidential Election, and moved into the Reich Presidents' Palace as Head of State on 12 May 1925, at the age of 77. He temporarily resided in the Reich Chancellors Palace in 1932/33.On 30 January 1933 he appointed Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor. In 1933 Hindenburg became the 58th honorary citizen of Berlin.