TROOST, Paul Ludwig

* 17.08.1879 in Elberfeld (Reinland)
† 21.01.1934 in Munich
Architect and Interior Designer

After completing his studies in architecture in Darmstadt, Paul Ludwig Troost settled in Munich in 1900, to work mainly as interior architect. In 1912 he began to furnish the North German Lloyd luxury steamer for the American Liner. Paul Ludwig Troost had an exceptional reputation in the "refined circles" and was very successful in targeting popular tastes. At the end of the 1920's he met Adolf Hitler through Elsa Bruckmann. Hitler instructed him to decorate his home in Prinzregentenplatz. He saw in Paul Ludwig Troost the future architect for National Socialist architecture. Hitler was also the man who introduced Paul Ludwig Troost to his successor, Albert Speer. At this stage, however, Speer's architectural vision was still widely removed from that of Troost. In 1931 Troost began, on Hitler's instruction, to work on a concept for an administrative building for the NSDAP. He was also working on the desighns for two memorials in Munich. At the same time he occupied himself with the building of "Hauses der Deutschen Kunst". Paul Ludwig Troost died before the completion of his projects on 21 January 1934. His buildings were finished by his wife.