BISMARCK, Otto Eduard Leopold

* 01.04.1815 in Schönhausen/Elbe;
† 30.07.1898 in Firedrichsruh at Hamburg. Politician.

Bismarck attended the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Grammar School from 1827 until 1830, and the Grauen Kloster Grammar School in Berlin from 1830 until 1832. After his studies and initial legal work, he occupied himself in different political arenas. In 1862 he was appointed as the Prussian Prime Minister, and from 1867 until 1871 Chancellor of the North-German Federation. After the Imperial founding in 1871, he became the first Reich Chancellor. He occupied this position until his dismissal in March 1890. During this period Bismarck lived in the Old Reich Chancellery, which was also named the Palace of Prince Bismarck. He retreated thereafter to his estate, Friedrichsruh. Bismarck was awarded the freedom of the city of Berlin in 1871.