EBERT, Friedrich

* 04.02.1871 in Heidelberg
† 28.02.1925 in Berlin.
Sadlemaker and Politician.

Ebert was a member of the SPD since 1889 and played a roll in different functions of the party and the union. He moved to Berlin in 1905 in accordance with his election as member of the board of the SPD. From 1913 Ebert ruled together with Hugo Haase (1863-1919), as chairman of the SPD. He was chairman of the SPD Reichstag Fraction from 1916 until 1918, whereafter he assumed the position of Reich Chancellor on 9.11.1918 and participated in the development of the Committee of People's Representatives, of which he was chairman until February 1919. The National Assembly elected him on 11.2.1919 as the first Reich President of the Weimar Republic, an office that he held until his death in 1925. He Lived and worked in the Reich Chancellors Palace a in Wilhelmstraße in Berlin.