BORSIG, Johann Friedrich August

* 23.06.1804 in Breslau;
† 06.07.1854 in Moabit, Berlin.

Borsig was seen as one of the founders of the German Railroad industry. He founded the biggest locomotive factory on the European continent and had the nickname,"Locomotive King". Borsig came to Berlin in 1823 to the Beuth'sche Gewerbeinstitut, Klosterstraße 36, from wich he departed in 1825. After his years of working and studying in the Neuen Berliner Eisengießerei von Woderb & Egells, Borsig founded his own company in 1837 on the land in front of the Oranienburger Tor. Borsig's iron foundry and machinery company was extremely succesfull, and was also the largest machine factory in Prussia. The company expanded in 1847-1849 through the construction of the Borsig press works in Moabit. Borsig lived in Torstraße 53 until 1849, and thereafter in the Villa Borsig, Alt-Moabit. He was buried in the cemetery of the Dorotheenstädtischen and Friedrichswerderschen Gemeinden. Borsig received several Berlin honors, one of which was the naming of the Berlin Borsigstraße. A memorial in Chausseestraße 1 commemorates the founding of the company by Borsig.